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Staff Regulations & Byelaws

Chapter VI
Recrutment and Promotion

The Council shall, with the approval of the Central Government, prepare and publish a Schedule of Recruitment Rules for various posts or grades as in the Schedule – 4 to these Regulations. Such Schedules of Recruitment Rules may be revised from time to time with the previous concurrence of the Central Government. Such Schedules may inter-alia contain the following details, namely:

Name of the Post;

Number of Posts;

Classification of the Posts;

Scale of pay;

Whether Selection or non-Selection post;

Age limit for direct recruitment;

Qualifications required for the post;

Necessary qualifications with regard to promotions;

Period of probation;

Composition of the Departmental Promotion Committee.

Every person appointed to a post as per the recruitment rules in the Schedule to these Regulations, whether by direct recruitment or by promotion or deputation shall be on probation for the period specified against that post in the schedule: Provided that where the appointment itself is for a period specified in the appointment order, such appointment shall be terminated on the expiry of such    period, unless such period is extended by the Competent Authority;

The period of probation may, if the Competent Authority deems fit, be extended for a specified period of time, but the total period of such extension shall not, save where any extension is necessary by reason of any departmental or legal proceedings pending against the employee, shall exceed one year: Provided, that an employee may prefer an appeal against the order of extension of probation, to the Competent Authority.

During the period of probation, an employee may be required to undergo such departmental training and pass such departmental tests as the Competent    Authority may, from time to time, specify in this behalf.

When an employee appointed on probation to any entry grade or post has passed the specified departmental test, if any, and/or completed his probation to the satisfaction of the Competent Authority, he shall be eligible for confirmation in that grade or post.

Until an employee on probation is confirmed under this Regulation or is discharged or reverted under the subsequent Regulation, he shall continue to have the status of an employee on probation.

In case of promotion, where specific period of probation is prescribed, the employee shall be required to complete the period of probation satisfactorily.

An employee on probation, who has no lien on any post shall be liable to be discharged from service at any time without notice if:

On the basis of his performance or conduct during the period of probation, he is considered unfit for further retention in service; or

On receipt of any information relating to his nationality, age, health, education and other qualifications or antecedents, the Competent Authority is satisfied that he is ineligible or otherwise unfit for being continued in service.

An employee on probation who holds a lien on a post may be reverted to such post at any time in any of the circumstances specified in sub-regulation (1)

An employee on probation, who is not considered suitable for confirmation at the end of the period of probation prescribed in Regulation 13, shall be discharged or reverted in accordance with sub-regulation (1) or sub-regulation (2), as the case may be.

The inter-se seniority of personnel appointed to a grade or post shall be regulated by the orders issued in this regard from time to time by the Central Government.

Orders issued by the Central Government from time to time for percentage of reservation, rosters, dereservation, carry forward, relaxations and concessions and other related matters, whether by direct recruitment, promotion or any other methods of appointment, to posts, grades or services under it in favour of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Ex-Servicemen, Physically Handicapped persons and other special categories of persons, shall apply mutatis mutandis to appointments covered by these Regulations in the Council.

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